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Vendor Registration


HOURS: The hours of the Bazaar are 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Exhibitors are expected to remain OPEN FOR ALL BUSINESS until the end of the Bazaar at 4:00pm. You may NOT pack up or tear down until 4:00pm. If, due to extenuating circumstances, you must leave before 4:00pm, please request approval from the Bazaar Chairperson. Failure to do so may result in not being invited back.
ART AND CRAFT: All items submitted to the jury for consideration in the show MUST BE HANDMADE BY THE VENDOR AND BE NON-COMMERICAL. Returning artificers who augment or substitute any initial items MUST have their additions juried prior to September 1. Failure to comply by trying to sell non-approved items and you will be asked to stow them away, and/or may not be allowed to return. 

SPACE: Each single space is limited to approximately 10 ft in width by 4 ft in depth. There are a limited number of premium spaces which vary in size, but are larger. Exhibitors who request space without table will be limited to that same amount of space. WE STRICTLY ENFORCE THIS SPACE ALLOTMENT. If this does not meet your space needs, please reserve additional space. You may use your own tables or the one provided, however, exhibitors WILL NOT be permitted to use additional card tables or display boards that extend beyond their space allotment without paying for the additional space. 

TABLES/CHAIRS: For each space that you reserve, you will be given one 8’ table and 2 folding chairs. If you would prefer not to have either of these, please check the box on the Reservation Form. You may use your own tables, but all tables and displays must be contained to your allotted space (SEE ABOVE). 

ELECTRICITY: Exhibitors requiring electricity must indicate this on the Reservation Form for an additional $10 fee. In addition, each exhibitor is responsible for providing their own HEAVY DUTY, THREE PRONG EXTENSION CORD. A minimum of 25 feet is recommended. Extension cords should be taped to the floor. Per the FIRE INSPECTOR, only HEAVY DUTY 3-prong extension cords may be used to power ‘UL approved’ fuse power strips. No extension cords are allowed to be plugged into power strips. Electrical apparatuses are the only things allowed to be plugged into the power strips. NO LIT CANDLES ARE ALLOWED. Batteries under 9 volts may be used. We recommend bringing a fully charged portable battery charger for cell phones. 

PARKING: In order to provide the maximum number of parking spaces for your customers, all exhibitors’ cars MUST BE parked at Grosse Pointe North Highs School. (707 Vernier Rd, Grosse Pointe Woods). Shuttle service will be available to transport you between North’s parking lot and Parcells. All artificers’ cars must be in North’s parking lot by 8:30 am. This ensures you time enough to get to your reserved space before the Bazaar opens. 

REGISTRATION/PAYMENT: Once you have completed your registration and your products approved, you will receive a PayPal Invoice complete with payment link, invoice and Vendor #. Your vendor # will be used on all documents, maps, parking etc. Payment is due within 1 week of registration to secure your spot. If not received within 1 week of registration, you will receive a spot as close as possible to your selections. Payment this year will be done through PayPal. We accept debit, credit and PayPal payment. Due to demand, unpaid registrations will be placed on a waitlist and tables will be sold to other vendors. 

LATE REGISTRATION FEE: A late fee of $10 will be added to each booth rental fee if registering after November 19, 2023.

CHANGE: We are not equipped to provide change for large bills. Please bring adequate change with you. 

REFUNDS FOR SPACE/CANCELLATIONS: Money will be refunded for a canceled space only if we are able to fill your space with another vendor. A $5 fee will be accessed for all refunds granted to help cover PayPal costs. Any space not set–up by 8:00 am will be considered forfeited and no refund will be given. NO refunds will be granted after 11/21/22 to vendors cancelling for their own reasons. 

SET-UP: Exhibitors have the option of being able to set-up their table the night before or the day of the Parcells Holiday Bazaar. Parcells Middle School will allow you to set up your tables between 6-8pm on the Friday night before the Bazaar. Otherwise, set-up will begin at 7am the day of the event. There will be no security provided between Friday night and Saturday morning. 

It is important that you, as an exhibitor, comply with all of the guidelines. This is your commitment to your customers and your business. Failure to do so will jeopardize your participation in the future Parcells Holiday Arts and Crafts Bazaars.  



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